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Agile and Test Driven

Building quality in from the start.


Years of experience in building real-life 24/7 systems on Amazon AWS.

Big Data Solutions

Capture and turn your application data into real business value.

NoSQL Data

Build huge clusters using in-memory and NoSQL data stores.

Adam Skogman

Being an IT architect is just my dream job. I've built, launched and cared for many sites and systems in my career, both in the cloud and in the data center. At heart, I'm a pragmatist, and these are the core values that guide my work:

the opposite of accidental complexity, which allows you to understand and reason about a system, especially over time.

choosing technology that can scale both down in size to fit on your laptop and up to hundreds of servers in the cloud when you need it.

choosing technology and services that will stay up and tend to bounce back.

providing all the monitoring, metrics and insight we will need to keep the site working well and therefore our customers happy!

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